World Cup Finals: Summary

The World Cup campaign regrettably came to an end on Sunday, culminating with an epic finale that saw Germany being crowned the deserved  new World Champions. While we have still not come to terms with the fact that the next World Cup is FOUR YEARS away (Sob!), we do know we can find some solace in the fact that the English Premier League will be starting quite soon. And that’s good news for us Fantasy Football junkies, what with the newly promoted teams and newly bought players in the mix.

Now getting back to the Finals, our team picked up a decent score of 88 points in the last round, which saw us end the campaign with a final tally of 689 points and a rank of 58,188 out of a total 1,062,319  registered users. That puts us somewhere around the top 5%. Not bad eh? We’r sure we can better our score once EPL Fantasy Football rolls out next month.

In the meanwhile, heres a summary on how our squad picks performed in the Finals:

Manuel Neuer: 7 Points
Our pick for goalkeeper was spot on as Neuer wasn’t forced into making too many saves by Argentina, and kept a perfect clean sheet to earn us 7 points.

Stefan De Vrij: 8 Points
Our Dutch defender was instrumental in his side keeping a clean sheet against the Brazilian attack in their match for third place. With a high number of Recovered balls and a clean sheet, he got us 13 points (again!)

Marcos Rojo: 8 Points
Our budget friendly left back chipped in with 8 points, owing to his success in Recovered balls and Balls delivered. Was on course to keep a clean sheet, if not for Gotze’s superb match winning goal.

Ezequiel Garay: 8 Points
Like his fellow defender, Garay too chipped in with his share of Recovered balls and Balls delivered to get 8 points for us.

Thiago Silva: 6 Points
We had expected Brazil to bounce back strong from their 7-1 defeat, with the reinstated Thiago at the helm. But things went bad in the 2nd minute itself as he conceded a penalty to give away the lead. Though they lost 3-0, Thiago still managed to get 6 points for us.

Jerome Boateng: 14 Points
Boateng had a wonderful game, and put up a strong display to keep a clean sheet and earn a whopping 14 points for us in the process, with points earned for Recovered balls & a Passing rate of above 80%.

Philipp Lahm: 8 Points
Like the previous game, Lahm was back at his old left back position, and marshalled his side to what will be his best victory yet. His efforts both in defense and attack, helped us get 8 points.

Javier Mascherano: 5 Points
Had a lot on his hands, keeping the marauding German midfield in check, whilst trying to find a way through their resolute defense. He managed to get just 5 points for us this time.

Toni Kroos: 7 Points
Kroos could not match up to his semi-final heroics this time, thanks to a strong Argentinian defence. But he did get us 7 points, owing to his success in Recovered Balls, Balls delivered and a Pass rate of above 80%.

Luiz Gustavo: 3 Points
Could not do much to stem the Dutch attack and left massive gaps in midfield at times. Was promptly subbed off at half time.

Thomas Mueller: 4 Points
Put in some good passes and crosses to create chances, but was unable to find a way past the Argentinian defence and Romero.

Lionel Messi: 4 Points
Was at his untouchable best at times, leaving the German defenders in his dust, but was unable to get on the score sheet despite his best efforts. Missed a great chance in the early minutes of the second half too.

Arjen Robben: 3 Points
Was at his pacy best, and won a penalty in the early minutes for Van Persie to give Oranje the lead. Unfortunately was not credited with an assist, and ended up with just 3 points to show for.