Captain: Gameweek 19

It is so hard these days to chose the right captain for your Fantasy team! The right Captain can take you right up the points table, especially at this time since almost everyone has more or less the same team. Let us have a look at the probables this week, starting of course with our Read more about Captain: Gameweek 19[…]

Gameweek 18

First of all, we would like to profusely apologize to our regular readers for our notable absence since the past few Gameweeks. We’ve been facing some niggling server issues off late, but that’s all been taken care of, and we’re back for the long run now. Before we jump in to the squad picks for Read more about Gameweek 18[…]

Gameweek 13

It’s been a bitter week with what went down in Paris and other parts of the world and we pray that such atrocities which cause harm to others may never repeat themselves. The Premier League shall however continue this week and our picks for Gameweek 13 are listed below :   Goalkeepers David DeGea (5.6)  gets the Read more about Gameweek 13[…]

Gameweek 10

BENCH BOOST: So we at FFT think its a good idea to try out the new BENCH BOOST option this week, which allows all your bench player’s points to be added to your total score for the week. Its a fun option added in by FPL this season, and seeing how we’re fielding a well balanced Read more about Gameweek 10[…]

Gameweek 9

  There’s been no Premier League action for 2 weeks now, and it’s time to bring the cheer back. Injuries have plagued most of the big guns from top clubs due to international games last week, but there are still those who are ready to give it their all. Our picks for Gameweek 9 are Read more about Gameweek 9[…]

Gameweek 5

  Yes yes, the international break is over and some of those big names have returned back to their respective domestic clubs, hoping their ever so faithful fantasy followers would be able to share in their glory and form. But more importantly is the fact that the damn transfer window has now been slammed shut. Read more about Gameweek 5[…]

Gameweek 4

  3 gameweeks down. 35 to go. Don’t use that wildcard yet! The transfer window will be closing soon and the next gameweek isn’t until 12th September thanks to International matches following gameweek 4. Here’s a list of players that can help you get back into business for now: GOALKEEPERS Simon Mignolet (5.1m) retains his spot in Read more about Gameweek 4[…]

Gameweek 21

“To use or not to use?” is the BIG question this week! Should you give your team a major overhaul by using the Winter Wildcard (available until the end of GW-23) this week or should you wait and watch? There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to this dilemma and there are several pros and cons to using Read more about Gameweek 21[…]

Captain: Gameweek 19

Once again it was a tough choice between the in-form City duo Yaya and Silva this week. Silva’s form is at its peak and he has certainly raked in more points (30) in the last 2 gameweeks than Yaya (18) but the possibility of a return for City’s striker Stevan Jovetic against Burnley could reduce Read more about Captain: Gameweek 19[…]

Gameweek 17

Goalkeepers: A flurry of memes on the social media has convinced us that David de Gea (5.6) can save pretty much everything on and off the field! With 8 saves and a clean sheet against Liverpool along with the return of Jones and Evans, we have no hesitation in handing the gloves over to de Read more about Gameweek 17[…]