May 15, 2014


Oh well, welcome to yet another fantasy football site on the Internet. NOT!
If you wanna be ahead in your fantasy football leagues, FFT is the one site you wanna visit to get the latest football news analysis, squad suggestions, fantasy football tactics, injury updates and more. We will release our in-depth analysis immediately after the end of every stage of the tournament, so that you have enough time to rotate your squad and make the necessary changes.

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Football is our food. It’s in our blood, on our minds, all the time! Be it transfer news, trivia or match statistics, we’ve spent an enormous amount of time discussing football over the years. Some people consider this as a waste of our time but we do what we gotta do and we’ve done it regardless of the important assignments we had to work on, or the big client meetings we needed to prepare for. This site is our tribute to the great game of football. It’s a way for us to share our views with football fans across the globe. It’s our Mona Lisa! Feel free to connect with us if you wanna share your thoughts, suggestions or just hang out for a beer!

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  • hi, when do you publish your squad choice and captains pick?

    I’ve noticed your choices are bang on and will help me hang on to top spot in my league!

  • Thanks so much Rob! Usually our articles are up by Friday evening (we are in the GMT +0530 timezone) but sometimes we are stretched for manpower due to which it takes a bit longer.. But in any case, our articles are 100% up before the deadline.

    Good question though, now we shall work on getting the articles up 24 hours before the deadline. 100% guarantee!

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