Captain: Gameweek 3


The last time I visited this space, I was ready to give up writing articles for FFT and move on. But once you get involved in fantasy football, it is very difficult to get out of it. So, here I am, throwing some light on the best pics for gameweek 3 of the Barclays Premier League.


Last week we had a very good run, points wise. But since we made so many transfers, we had to compromise on our league tally of points. This time, as we gathered to discuss our strategy for gameweek 3, we specifically had the league tally in mind while finalizing our team of the best fifteen players. Here you go:

AGUEROOOOO!!! Reminds me of previous to last season when this guy stole the premiership from under United’s nose. Literally. Last week (Gameweek 2), Aguero (13.1) scored his first goal of the season, and we believe that its only the start for the Argentinean in this long season. ManCity are the travelling team this week but they face relatively easy opponents in Everton. I say ‘easy’ since, even if Aguero does not do much, there is a high probability of other City players (Silva, Toure) putting equal pressure on the opponents, which makes things even more easier for Aguero to help his team to the top of the league.

In case you don’t have plans for the little Argentenian playmaker, you could also have a quick look at our alternatives. Eden Hazard (11.5) could be a good bet given that Chelsea come up against West Bromwich this week away from home. Jose Mourinho’s side have yet to secure their first win of the season and this week’s fixture may help the London side get their first win of the new season. Hazard has not fared very well in Chelsea’s first two games honestly; however, we have faith in this player’s potential and talent to deliver when the chips are down.


Our final pic for this week is Alexis Sanchez (11.0). Although having almost scored a goal last week, the Chilean is ranked below his Belgian counterpart owing to his long vacation after having helped his country win the Copa America title. Sanchez, we believe, has yet to come back to full form. However, with his performance last week we believe that something special is due from him very soon. A very tricky selection as captain, but if it works there could be nothing better than this 🙂


That is all folks. Enjoy your football as you would your beer. Nice and chilled.