Captain: Gameweek 37

Gameweek 37 is the second to last and the last double gameweek of this season of EPL which has finally come close to the finish. Although the title holders are confirmed and only one relegation spot is open for grabs (not to forget the qualifiers for the european championships), Nothing is over until its over in Fantasy football, and many fantasy managers would look at this penultimate gameweek with a different view.

Alexis Sanchez (11.5) did not have a great outing last week and failed many of the fantasy managers’ faith but he still remains the top choice for captain in GW37. Arsenal have a double gameweek against rivals Manchester United and Sunderland, hence you are anyways expected to load your teams with the Gunners and Black Cats. Alexis may have flopped last week but the reasons for selecting him above his peers still remain strong. Alexis has the highest average for attempts on goal in recent games (4.67)and second highest average for points per game (6.67) which is second to Sergio Aguero who managed to pull up his averages in last gw.


Before I move on to harp about the opponents Alexis faces, let me introduce our second nomination for this gw. Aaron Ramsey (8.8) has finally been declared fit by the Boss and earns his  place in our section. Ramsey has enjoyed a superb run of form since returning from injury and although a slight knock sustained in the game against Hull City, he has been declared fit to play in the double gameweek.  With an average of 3 goal attempts and 1.67 kep passes in the last four games, the numbers do not speak very much in favor of the Welshman. However, watching this lad play on the telly makes my gut go awry and hence, after a very long time I am forced to trust my instincts than the numbers that support ’tis player. Oh don’t worry, I’m not the only one who maketh ’tis predicament. 13.2% of managers feel the same. Now we can speak about the opponents Arsenal face. Tricky opponents they are, Manchester United and Sunderland. One playing for the European qualification spot while the other fighting for a spot in the top division. Obviously, both teams are going to give a tough fight but what do their numbers say? Sunderland have the weaker defense of the too with 18.67 goal attempts conceded on average, 10.67 of them were conceded inside the box! The Red Devils have fared better than their feline counterparts in the defensive aspect but somehow have managed to let past an average of 1.5 goals per game recently. Probably shows that Manchester United’s opponents tend to make the most of their available chances! But the whole reason why we are dissecting these two teams’ flaws is because Arsenal are the team in form at the moment (notwithstanding last week’s loss against Swansea). Just trying to add weight to our Captain choices, nothing more 🙂

Our final selection for the Captain’s armband is Sergio Aguero (12.8). The star of last gameweek by a huge margin, yet has to settle for the third place in my section this week only because of the double gameweek. Aguero now has a recent average of 10.75 PPG,  4.69 Goal Attempts, 3.44 Shots inside the box, 1.69 Shots on target. I could go on all day like this as there is almost irrefutable evidence of the form that this guy is in right now. If you still don’t have him on your team (my comments are directed to the 71.3% of Fantasy managers who DON’t own him), why are you still reading my post eh? Go back under the rock where you were hiding before. But thanks for reading anyway 🙂

Have a great week guys. Cheers!