Captain: Gameweek 34

With some double gameweeks in the offing, it is important that you select your captain wisely as more gametime means higher possibility of the player scoring more points. Here are our Captain picks for Gameweek 34:
Eden Hazard (11.3) retains the top spot this week as well, after a fabulous performance in the last week. As I had said earlier as well, a good performance was long pending from Hazard and finally the Belgian has hit the right note of form at the right time for his team. A look at Hazard’s numbers from his last four appearances for Chelsea reveals a whopping 9.75 PPG for him, averaging 1.5 shots on target and he has also managed to fit in 2.25 Key passes per game. The icing on the cake is that Chelsea have a DOUBLE GAMEWEEK! Okay, one of the games is a tough one against Arsenal. But with the absence of Costa and Remy, the onus would be on Hazard to make it a winning game and take the Blues home towards the title.
Continuing with our logic of focusing on teams with double gameweeks, our second most preferred candidate to be on the points chart is Philip Coutinho (7.8). Coutinho has been Liverpool’s lone shining star (wait, Sterling has been handy as well) and although the Reds have had very dismal performances of late, it appears that there is nothing that would stop Coutinho from doing what he does. In his last four appearances for the Reds, Coutinho has averaged 3 Goal attempts per game. Also, Liverpool will be coming up against West Brom this weekend, a team which has managed to allow their opposition an average of 21 Goal attempts, 13 of which were conceded inside the box! If the opposition team continues such a performance, I am sure Coutinho will have a field day in office!
Our last Captain pick for this gameweek 34 is another player having a double gw. Jamie Vardy (4.6) won many a heart (I was on that list as well) after his fabulous performance against Manchester United earlier in the season. He hasn’t been very effective after that, and was also dropped from the first team for a short period, but now my favourite Leicester man is back! Not many statistics to vouch for him but if you look at the opposition (Burnley and Chelsea. Okay, Chelsea are tough opponents) there is an inkling of hope that Vardy has a great game against Burnley and continues his form against Chelsea. Burnley have not been one of the best sides defensively of late as they are engaged in their bottom-table struggle. Burnley have conceded an average of 18 Goal Attempts in their last four, 8 of which were from inside the box! Speaking on the same lines even Chelsea have managed to allow their opposition about 14 Goal attempts per recent game. Technically speaking, Vardy is the perfect hedge to your squad selection as I am sure many of you’ll have at least one Chelsea player in defence. Any Finance student would tell you that it is always a better strategy to diversify and hedge your investments. Vardy seems the suitable choice for both of the above objectives.
Enjoy the extra games this week peeps! Hope you guys can make the most of the doubles and use them to shoot up the point charts!