Captain: Gameweek 30

Gameweek 30 brings with it a lot of promise along with the prospect of en-cashing on some tactical transfers as well, given that at least four teams have double gameweeks coming up in the remainder of the season. While you spend your time ensuring you don’t slip up at such a crucial time of the season (unlike Gerrard from last season), be sure to go over the below  nominations for Captain and stay above everyone else.

Harry Kane’s (6.3) tremendous form in recent times has secured the young lad a place in the English National team, and surely it is a well deserved call up to represent the Three Lions. In his last four games Kane has had an average of 4.25 goal attempts per game, and has taken 3.50 shots from inside the box with a per game average of 4.5 points. Agreed, this is not an indicator of his best performance but a big performance is just around the corner for Kane, as he has not scored more than once for his previous two appearances for the spurs. The rest we leave to the Law of Averages to take care of.


Everyone remembers how Oliver Giroud (8.4) received so much criticism in Arsenal’s home leg against Monaco. It seems that the Frenchman took all the hate too seriously and this has shown in his game which has considerably improved ever since. Giroud has contributed in one way or the other, getting his body at the end of those deft touch-ins by the like of Ozil or Ramsey, or himself setting up his team mates on goal. Giroud has registered a ringing 7.75 points per game seeing his last four appearances, and has also secured an average of 2.25 key passes per game since. The only thing stopping Giroud from securing our top preference, is his rival counterpart from Tottenham.

It has been quite some time since Diego Costa (11.0) has had a sensational performance on the field. Probably this is due to the Fabregas’ lack of form (as was pointed out to me by my colleague who is also a big Chelsea fan – “Fabre shuts down in the second half of the season. In any league”) Any ways, not many stats to justify the selection of Costa in this section, save the gut feeling that has made me keep him in my team for the last 3-4 gameweeks. I usually do not opine on the basis of intuition, but somehow this time I have an intuition that my intuition is right 🙂

Any ways, have a great gameweek you all!