Captain: Gameweek 28

Double gameweeks are exciting, for many reasons. One of those reasons should be that chance to instantly pull ahead in the leagues. And if you’ve been saving that wildcard all this while, this would be the ideal time to put it to good use.

Considering that Spurs and QPR both have double games this week, it would only be wise to limit our captain options to these teams. In fact, my job has become so much more easier as the players that I am going to nominate were anyways from these teams! Win-win, eh?

Harry Kane is back where he belongs! Yes he must be very disappointed after not being able to score a dozen against table toppers Chelsea in the Carling cup final,  but this time Tottenham face Swansea and QPR this week, none of which are even near the form which Chelsea are in at the moment. Due to his recent performances Harry Kane has amassed an average of 9 points per game, with an average of 2 shots on target, 3.33 Shots inside the box and 4.67 goal attempts. Opponents Swansea and QPR are another reason why you should go ahead and captain Kane. While QPR have conceded an average of 16.67 Goal attempts in the last four games, Swansea are guilty on an average, 11.5 times per game. Very, very hard to ignore these vital statistics.

Charlie Austin always manages to have a great outing, even if his team doesn’t. Austin has managed to score 11 points in his last 165 minutes on the pitch, which could be equivalent to a whopping 20 captain points. Austin is the penalty taker for the Rangers which is another point in his favor. QPR play their double games this week with Spurs and Arsenal. Spurs have a decent back-four who have conceded about 11.67 chances on goal in their last four games, while Arsenal are even worse on paper having done the same 16 times during the same period. With his season tally up to 14 goal, the only way there could be for Austin is up.

Last but not the least, it is Christian Eriksen() finds a spot on our list. Eriksen has lately been on and off in terms of his performance but lately there have been signs of an impending big performance. Eriksen has not been very much among the points lately but has been instrumental in creating chances for his team. At an average of 3 key passes in the last four games for Tottenham, it is just a matter of time until he finds the back of the net too. As in the case of Kane, not so strong oppositions further strengthen the case for him. Psttt, if you secretly feel that Eriksen might be the game changer this week, you’re not the only one who feels that way 😉