Captain: Gameweek 25

Just two days after the culmination of a topsy-turvy and unexpected game week, we are back with our thoughts on who could be that key player (read Captain) who could turn the fortunes of your fantasy team in your favor.

Riding strong on consistent form and goal scoring abilities, Harry Kane (6.1) grabs the top spot to become this weeks highest contender for points, and hence our recommendation for the Captain’s armband for Gameweek 25. Usually when a player hauls a bucket load of points, his good run comes to an end after four or say, five games (there are so many examples this season to back this statement). But not Harry Kane. Our young English lad has won the hearts and trust of countless fantasy managers to cement his place in the fantasy teams, and at this rate might as well be a strong contender for the top scorer this season! His recent form in the last four games reflects 5 goals and 8.5 points per game. Surely a player to watch out for in the upcoming games.

Eden Hazard (10.8) has resurrected our faith in his abilities and subsequently our trust to nominate him (again) for the Captain’s armband. Although the law of averages would suggest his spike in points to be a temporary phenomenon, we can disregard the law as we have been observing Hazard’s game for quite some time now it seems that the Belgian has gotten around converting skillful game play into  well deserved fantasy points.  After Saturdays game, Hazard has accumulated one goal and assist in his last four appearances for Chelsea, establishing a recent form of 6 points per game. That being said, there is every reason to believe that the only way for Hazard in the points tally is upwards, and the time starts now.

He is being sorely missed by his team mates! Alexis Sanchez (11.2) took a two game break due to a hamstring disturbance, and his absence in the squad has dearly cost his club the momentum to get things back on track! It only goes on to show how much Arsenal rely on their talisman player to win games (which is such a shame, actually). Sanchez did not feature in Arsenal’s last two games but in 2 games before that had two goals ,one assist and 11 points per game played to his name. However, we feel it best to place Sanchez third in the pecking order as based on our experience of players returning from injury, it may take a while for the Chilean to get back to the usual order of business. Our fingers are crossed, as we sign off for Gameweek number 25.