Captain: Gameweek 22

Note to reader: Last week we saw Alexis top the points table with an astonishing brace and assist.  It should be noted that the author had originally chosen Alexis as the top choice to be the captain for Gameweek 21, purely on the basis of his recent statistics which confirmed his promising form; however, as this is a team effort, the captain’s armband was eventually awarded to Hazard owing to Chelsea’s ‘easier opposition’.

The author was crest fallen after watching Sanchez perform, and even contemplated temporary resignation from contributing in this section. But it is the failures that make you stronger. Probably a fair statistical consideration of the players’ opposition could prevent such things from occurring in future?

The author has subsequently come to terms with last week’s events which have further strengthened his faith in the science of numbers. The reader can now be rest assured that all future captain articles would have a pure statistical base, and zero reliance on ‘what I feeel is that …’

Come Friday, and it’s time to discuss which player would be best suited for the captain’s position. Starting this game week, I would also be factoring in the ‘opposition’ parameter, in a bid to do justice to my final decision which should be ideally based on all possible parameters.

Our top choice captain for Gameweek 22 is Harry Kane (5.8). Kane has actually outshone his own expectations, and as few pundits have already mentioned, ‘whatever he kicks turns to gold!’. The man with the Midas touch has been in splendid form of late, recently managing to score a 9.75 points per game and 8 Goal Attempts, 6 being Shots on Target . Now coming to the opposition. The Spurs face Sunderland, who in recent weeks have conceded an enormous number of goals  (7) and goal attempts (80!). 48 out of the 80 goal attempts were conceded inside the box by Sunderland. Certainly, the Black Cats have had a very leaky situation in defense of late. Would not be surprised if we have a goal frenzy this weekend at White Hart lane.

Second in line for the captain’s armband this week, is David Silva (9.4). Silva has not found the back of the net very often in recent times, but this has not stopped the Silky Spaniard from ensuring that his team mates get on the score sheet. Out of 11 Goal attempts in the last four games, 7 were shots inside the box. Also, Silva provided a whopping 14 key passes in the last four games. City host Arsenal this weekend, and although the Gunners’ defense is not very much in demand these days, Arsenal are a relatively tough team to score against (not to mention the pressure of a big fixture).

Our final choice for the captain’s armband is Alexis Sanchez (11.5). Alexis is in scintillating form right now and as much as I would want to make him captain, we cannot ignore the fact that Arsenal are the team on the road this weekend, and face a formidable side in ManCity. And as we all know, Arsenal have been known to flounder when they come up against the big names. In all fairness to Alexis, there is no denying the form he is enjoying currently, as is seen in his statistics – 21 Goal Attempts (13 of which were Shots taken from inside the box) and 9 Shots on Target. However, like we said earlier City are a strong opposition to play against, more so to score against.