Captain: Gameweek 20

Happy new year to all our footballing folks and fantasy managers! My enthusiasm could be slightly more apparent due to the fact that 2014 has come to an end. The last captain article of the last year broke our hearts as Yaya did not feature even on the bench. Never mind, we consider experience to be the best teacher.

Topping the list for the most preferred captain for Gameweek 20 is Chelsea’s Eden Hazard (10.6). Finally the hard work done by the young man has started to pay off for fantasy managers, who were quite honestly being tested for their patience to hold on to this beautiful Belgian skill-master. Hazard has earned great numbers in the last 4 game weeks (Points per game: 9.25) to account for his selection as the top-ranked captain choice.

Coming up second on our list of Captain probables is David Silva (9.3). The Silky Spaniard has won many hearts after returning from an injury break, and has managed to score enough points to relinquish any deficits to his point tally and reclaim his position among the top-ranked midfielders of the league. I would say that Silva comes very close to being the most preferred captain choice, so if your gut feelings are hinting towards his direction, you may not turn out to be wrong !

Final Captain probable for this week: Charlie Austin (6.4) / Harry Kane (5.4). Quite honestly it seems that the festive season has slackened everyone else and these two are the only players that come to mind as worthy of the prestigious armband. Both are budget picks and have a tremendous Risk vs Reward statistic, so should work out well if your team is packed with big names in the midfield and defense.