Captain: Gameweek 17

As 2014 comes to an end, you just cannot ignore the yearly flashback posts trending on the internet. To be honest, this year was hard for many fantasy managers as last minute injuries to players and shock performances by random players resulted lopsided gameweek scores and missing out on potential point scoring opportunities, among other bitter pills that we’ve had to swallow. Nevertheless, as we head into a tight schedule of football games, here’s to the science of numbers and the way we use it to predict out captain choices for Gw17.

After a long, long time, a new face debuts as our top preference for the captain’s armband. Robin van Persie (12.6) emerges our top choice as captain for gameweek 17. The ‘Flying Dutchman’, as they refer to him, has finally found his groove and long-lost form, having scored three times along with one assist in the last two games. Okay, not very convincing numbers to justify his captaincy, but after looking at his presence on the pitch we would like to believe that RVP is at the beginning of his form cycle, and this might be a right time to invest heavily in him. A quick look at a detailed analysis of other relevant numbers (only considering the last 4 game weeks):

Goal ATTEMPTS: 3.25

Shots on TARGET: 2

Shots from INSIDE the BOX: 2.5

POINTS per game: 9

Yes, averaging NINE points per game given his recent form. To add weight to his selection as top-choice captain, ManUtd face Aston Villa, whose lackluster patch in the EPL continues after having kept just four clean sheets in 16 EPL outings. Makes sense to make hay while the sun still shines, no?

Our second captain choice for this week would be a regular to this section, Diego Costa (11.2). Personally I am not very much in favor of his selection, but as you all know there is no room for personal and club feelings on our site and we always try to do justice to players as per their performance. Also, 59.6% of fantasy team managers like to believe that Costa still has got the thunder in him. Only time will tell..

The final choice of captain for gameweek 17 is, a tie between Yaya Toure (10.8) and Eden Hazard (10.6). Both players are on penalty taking duties for their respective teams, face relatively easy opponents, and have been in noticeable forms lately. It would simply be unfair for us to choose one player over the other (and downright heartbreaking if the player we leave out goes on to score many points this gameweek)

Lot of footballing action in the offing, be advised to select your teams well. Cant wait for the X’mas season to begin already!