Captain: Gameweek 13

CAUTION: Gameweek 14 begins on Tuesday 02-Dec-14. Do not FORGET !

So we are in for some back-to-back footballing action post Thanksgiving! With 5 gameweeks to go before X’Mas, we are in the time of the year when things get really intense, and a lot of season changing action takes place. If you’re down in your league, you could come right back to the top by New Years eve. Or, if you don’t pay attention to our important insights, you could hit the downward spiral as well.

My choice for the Captain’s arm band this week is, Diego Costa (11.1). The Spaniard has rightfully reclaimed his place in our hearts and into the teams of 59.2% of fantasy football managers. Until last week there were doubts about Costa’s return to form but he could well be back for good to restate the singular truth of any sport-Form is temporary, Class is permanent. A quick look at the stats reveal some telling facts:

Goal ATTEMPTS: 3.2

Shots on TARGET: 2.1

Shots from INSIDE the BOX: 2.9

POINTS per game: 6.2

Like I said, it seems pretty obvious to have Costa back in your teams (if you haven’t already got him), because he has the potential to lead your fantasy team through the tight footballing month of December.

My second choice for Captain would be Sergio Aguero (12.7). The price on this player’s head does not quite seem to tally up with his possession percentage (26.5% teams have him). However, Kun’s champions league display against Bayern Munich showed signs of the Argentine rolling over his goal scoring form over to premier league football. It should be noted that Aguero is the only player who beats Costa when it comes to Total Shots on target (31 as against 21). More chances mean more goals, no?

My final pick for the Captain’s armband this week, is Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez (11.0). Yes, his goal scoring streak in the league may have ended but he is not out of touch at all, which could be seen by his goal against the visiting Dortmund side during the week. Personally I would want him to be the best of the lot mentioned here, but I daresay let that reflect in my article. As our readers already know, there is little room in our analysis for club loyalties.

Ok, there is. But just a tiny, winy bit!