Captain: Gameweek 12

After a rather drowsy international break (yeah that’s what i make of it), time to get back to some EPL action and for some fierce football as we approach Xmas!

It’s always a little difficult to get your analysis together after any sort of break. Some players pick up injuries, some return in form, some without it. While I have spent the last couple of days getting back into my FFT groove, we present to you the Captain choices for Gameweek 12.

Kun Aguero (12.6) was single handedly led City’s late resurgence at the Loftus road, two weeks back. He is also currently the highest goal scorer in the EPL at the moment. I am reminded of a statistic which was shared recently by my colleague Manna- When compared with Alan Shearer, Christiano Ronaldo and Luiz Suarez (All three joint holders of the all-time EPL goal record i.e. 31 goals), Aguero has the highest rate of scoring after the first 12 weeks. Also, City play Swansea this weekend, who orchestrated a great comeback to beat the Gunners at home, two weeks back. Swansea may be high on confidence, but they have also managed to concede as many as 55 Goal attempts in 12 matches. Perfect setting for Aguero, no?  A quick look at his stats too:

Goal ATTEMPTS: 5.2

Shots on TARGET: 2.7

Shots from INSIDE the BOX: 4.2

POINTS per game: 7.2

Our bets are on this crazy Argentian goal scoring machine. Period.

Only one other player has raked in more average POINTS per game. Alexis Sanchez (10.5) has managed 7.9 points per game this season, and has been the lone hope in a faltering Arsenal side. It seems that his knack to get a goal in almost every game now is nowhere near ending, and you might as well use this time to cash in on some major points.

Third Captain Alternative: Diego Costa (10.8). Notice the missing ‘daddy’ suffix that I used to give him? Its hard to also ignore the fact the this player is yet to come back to full form post his injury. Costa was also left out of the La Roja squad last week owing to fitness issues. On the bright side, could this mean more recovery time, back in full action, more goals? Hard to say. He may well be this gameweek’s top scorer. But a very risky bet I would say. Choose wisely.

BONUS ALTERNATIVE!! Don’t you guys love it when I randomly pop an additional alternative 😀 This week, our Bonus alternative Captain choice would be Victor Moses(5.5). YES, I know he is not in our main squad (which is why I had to be so generous this gw and give out a bonus). Any ways, having Moses in your squad  and as your captain could be beneficial as the Potters face newcomers Burnley, who have conceded an AVERAGE of 22.2 Goal attempts this season. That’s a horrible number for a Premier league team, innit? The Chelsea has been among the goals lately and is by far the best in-form player for his team. So if you think Stoke are going to get the better of Burnley this time, it would probably be because of this guy. However, tread with caution. In the words of them bankers, “Investments are subject to market risk”.

Have a great weekend guys. Enjoy Responsibly.