Captain: Gameweek 11

It was two Gameweeks ago that our Captain choice was successful. Yes, We had placed Sanchez as a close second choice last week, but second nonetheless. All said and done, we still believe that our predictions are based on solid grounds, because we use numbers to make our predictions. And anyone who understands statistics will also understand well that numbers don’t lie, in the long run.

Our Captain choice for Gameweek 11, is Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero (12.6). The Argentinian is in scintillating form which is hard to ignore despite the UCL loss mid-week. Also, City face QPR this week, which is one of the defensively weakest sides we have seen this season. Lets look at some stats here for Aguero:

Goal ATTEMPTS: 4.9

Shots on TARGET: 2.6

Shots from INSIDE the BOX: 4

POINTS per game: 6.6


Alexis Sanchez (10.7) is our first alternative for the captains armband. The reason I have moved Sanchez to the alternatives despite his performance last week, is that Arsenal faces Swansea, which are not that weak a team. Having said that, it goes without saying that the Chilien will try to make the most of whatever falls at his feet.

Our second alternative for the captains armband would Diego Costa (10.9). Not very surprising to see him as the second alternative as he hasn’t quite found his groove since recovering from the hamstring injury. It only makes sense to ease some pressure off him and give him a break for some time. Not that we are writing him off, but its just clear as daylight that in relative terms, he is not so much of a favorite for the armband this week.