Captain: Gameweek 7

You know, I think writing the Captain’s article is becoming some sort of a routine now for me. And the culprit for that is none other than the new kid on the EPL circuit, Diego ‘Daddy’ Costa (11.1). Yes, ELEVEN POINT ONE! The only other times I can remember in the last season seeing a player price accelerate so fast in the upward direction is Suarez, or Ramsey (Ozil too but he went down with the same pace. Gravity maybe?)

Its a no-brainer why we have chosen to settle on the Daddy to continue bearing our armband for GW7. He has been confirmed as a starter against Arsenal, he has been in phenomenal form and somehow, always manages to be in the right spot for those into-the-box header crosses, or the elegant assists mainly coming from his colleague in the number 4 shirt (who will be under the spotlight as he faces his former club). His popularity is reflected in the statistic for ‘teams selected by’, a whopping 65%!

Speaking of statistics, I’ve got some numbers for you (These are per match statistics):

Goal ATTEMPTS: 3.5 

Shots on TARGET: 2.5

Shots from INSIDE the BOX: 3.0

And finally,

POINTS per game: Wait for it…8!

I cannot think of any more statistics to convince you better. Even probability would not beg to differ with us. Diego Costa is going to get you a lot of points. And it is highly likely to happen in this dimension of the universe. So you better make him your captain for GW7.


Starting from this Game week, we are going to suggest captain options along with our main choice. Our first alternative for the armband this weekend would be Pelle (7.8). You simply cannot ignore the form he is in lately, no matter how blinded you may be by Costa’s dream run.

Our second runner-up for the captains place is Argentenian striker Ulloa (5.7) who maintains composure over the ball, has a healthy work rate, and is pretty darn cheap too. (Never ignore the value in a bargain-An anonymous Indian)