Captain: Gameweek 5

Diego Da Silva Costa is simply making a mockery of his ‘hamstring injury’. With 2 goals in the game against Everton and a hattrick in the latest one against Swansea, turning your back on him at this stage would seem to be a bit naive. Costa has a total of 7 goals in 4 games (ofcourse everyone knows that by now) , but the most notable fact is that he’s only had 14 shots on target. His shot accuracy, eye for goal and the most frightening striker quality of being at the right place at the right time reminds us of Luis Suarez from last season. Oh, how we fantasy enthusiasts miss Luis. But Costa seems more than capable to replicate that consistency this season.

Diego Costa played only 20 minutes in Chelsea’s Champions League home game fixture against Schalke FC. So no matter what Mourinho says, we know for sure that he’s going to start this defining game against Manchester City. It will be played on City’s home ground, but Stoke City have recently proved that City are not invincible at the Etihad. Stoke even got a clean sheet as bonus, in addition to their victory. So there’s every reason to put your faith in this in-form striker for Gameweek 5. We most definitely will be doing so.