Team Lineup: Semi Finals

We’re almost there. The Quarter Final matches were just fantastic to watch. If you were following our posts, then you would have noticed that our player picks were spot on, as we concentrated on players from teams that were expected to come out as victors.  This time around we’ve taken a different approach. We distributed our player picks from each of the 4 teams equally, that could bring out a maximum return. So it won’t matter if they win or lose, because of their extremely high work rate. Rest assured that they will be working their hiney’s off, to get us those valuable points. It’s the Semi’s after all.

Let’s get to it then. Here are our top 23 picks for the Semi Finals:



Jasper Cillessen (Team: Netherlands; Price: 3M)
Although Tim Krul made those outstanding saves in the penalty shootout to get Netherlands through to the next round, Van Gaal has assured that he will be starting Jasper in goal for the Semi’s. What a relief! Parting with him now would just be so painful (budget wise).

Rais M’bolhi (Team: Algeria; Price: 1M)
Algeria have been knocked out. We know. But we’re sticking with him only to complete our 23 man squad. His cut price of 1 million is too hard to resist. Since we never go ahead with subbing keepers, might as well keep him as a good luck charm.

Alireza Haghighi (Team: Iran; Price: 1M)
As much as we love his name, but we love his price more.



Mats Hummels (Team: Germany; Price: 7M)
His goal and clean sheet against France fetched him a whopping 21 points. We’d be fools to kick him out of our team. His set piece threat and block rate is the best in the competition, although we know you stopped reading immediately after you saw the 21 points. If you still are reading, then just GET HIM in your team.

Dante (Team: Brazil; Price: 5.5M)
With Thiago Silva banned for picking up two yellow cards, Dante is sure to deputize and prove himself against a German team he’s so used to playing with, during his time at Bayern Munich. Expect a good return from him. Maybe even a set piece goal.

Marcos Rojo (Team: Argentina; Price: 4M)
He’s back from suspension and we’re as glad as ever. His price and his talent are nowhere in comparison with each other. His main threat is the ball deliveries into the penalty area, that could lead to assists.

Stefan De Vrij (Team: Netherlands; Price: 4M)
A standout Netherlands defender, with a high set piece threat. He’s on a yellow, but his importance is too much to be ignored.

Esseid Belkalem (Team: Algeria; Price: 1M)
Has been purchased to complete our 23 man squad.

Pejman Montazeri (Team: Iran; Price: 1M)
Another one of our squad completion players.

Rafik Halliche (Team: Algeria; Price: 1M)
You get the picture.



Wesley Sneijder (Team: Netherlands; Price: 8M)
Hit the post twice in the game against Costa Rica. Looks to be getting his rhythm back and is the heart of every Netherlands attack. He’s also on set piece duty to deliver those curling balls in and those beautiful points back out to us.

Toni Kroos (Team: Germany; Price: 7M)
We picked Philipp Lahm in the last game, and Toni felt bad. So this one’s for you Toni. Yup we’re serious. Okay we’re not. His consistency and set piece duty is what made us change our decision. Philipp is brilliant none the less. However, since it’s the Semi Finals, Germany will be pushing to get first blood over Brazil, and Philipp does not look like he has the permission to go for the kill.

Javier Mascherano (Team: Argentina; Price: 7M)
Strong in the air and in his tackles. His work rate is one of the highest in his team, and with Angel Di Maria struggling to shake off a thigh injury in time, Javier might have an extra responsibility on his hands to venture forward.

Luis Gustavo (Team: Brazil; Price: 6.5M)
The most important player in the Brazilian squad, that hasn’t been given the credit he rightfully deserves. He was sorely missed due to suspension in the last game against Colombia, but will slot back in immediately due to his impressive ball recovery and pass completion rates.

Fernando Gago (Team: Argentina; Price: 4.5M)
He was used a sub in the previous game against Belgium, but should start like in all the other games. We have similar plans for him though. Play him as a sub in case any other player fails to deliver.

Hashem Beikzadeh (Team: Iran; Price: 1M)
Yup. You guessed it right. Chosen just to complete the squad.

Bakhtiar Rahmani (Team: Iran; Price: 1M)
Another one like Hashem.

Nabil Bentaleb (Team: Algeria; Price: 1M)
Retained again thanks to his price.



Lionel Messi (Team: Argentina; Price: 10M)
Was quiet in the game against Belgium, which is rare. Don’t be fooled, he’s still the best and will do everything in his power to guide Argentina through.

Arjen Robben (Team: Netherlands; Price: 9M)
Robben is the lynchpin of the Dutch attack. With his pacy runs into the final third, and high rate of Balls delivered into the penalty area, he is sure to rack up some good points. Just remember, his game is after the first semi-final, so make sure you sub him in and make him captain, if Mueller fails to deliver.

Thomas Mueller (Team: Germany; Price: 8M)
Has been relatively quiet, but his form and work rate is still outstanding. Make sure to captain him as his game is the first out of the two semi finals. His penalty kick duty could always be that added advantage for your fantasy team.

Hulk (Team: Brazil; Price: 7.5M)
With Neymar ruled out of the world cup due to a fractured back, Hulk is assured to have his shoulders burdened with the responsibility of finding the net. Just by looking at him, you can make out that he’s not someone to buckle under pressure. Cracking the German defense will be tough, but it’s the semi final after all. So we can expect Hulk to go in all guns blazing.

Abdelmoumene Djabou (Team: Algeria; Price: 1M)
Our budget friendly helper once again.