Hits & Misses: Round of 16 Summary

Our team fared quite well in a nail biting finish to the Round of 16 matches, that saw it’s fair share of potential upsets and last minute winners. We hit the big 100 again (Woohoo!) this time with a total tally of 104 points, and also managed to trump our previous high score of 102 points from the 2nd Group Phase. We also managed to break into the top 100K players for this round, with a rank of 96,683 out of a total registered 1,023,297 players. Definitely an improvement we feel. So here is our take on the Good, Bad and Ugly for this round.

The Good

Rais M’Bolhi: 14 Points
The Algerian custodian had a stand out performance against a strong German side that was expected to steam roll them out of the Round of 16. M’Bolhi pulled out save after save all night long to keep Algeria in the game for the full 90 mins. Unfortunately they ran out of steam in Extra time and conceded 2 goals to the resilient German attack. But that didn’t stop Rais from picking up a whopping 14 points for his efforts.

Jasper Cillesen: 9 Points
The Oranje just about managed to scrape through to the next round by the skin of their teeth. Though Cillesen couldn’t keep a clean sheet against the Mexicans, he did manage a decent 9 points courtesy of multiple saves through the game.

Jose Cholevas: 8 Points
Cholevas picked up a decent 8 points in this round in spite of conceding to an undefeated Costa Rican side, owing to his success in Blocked shots, Recovered balls and some good deliveries into the box from set-pieces.

Marcos Rojo: 9 Points
Our Argentinian left back pick was the only one to keep a clean sheet in this round. Coupled with a few points for Balls recovered, he got us a total of 9 points. He has been one of the stand out performers for our team right from the start, picking up an impressive 41 points till date. And he’s only priced at a measly 4M. A definite must have player if you haven’t heeded our advice as yet.

Daniel Van Buyten: 12 Points
The giant Belgian centre back picked up an impressive 12 points in last night’s match against USA. They were very unlucky to concede a goal in the dying minutes of extra time, or else we would have gotten ourselves a massive total of 16 points from Van Buyten.

James Rodriguez: 14 Points
The Colombian wonder-kid had an absolute cracker of a game, scoring twice to overtake Muller as the current top scorer for the tournament with 5 goals. An absolutely stunning half volley from outside the box and a calm tap in from a few yards out, ensured that Colombia were through to the next round to face the hosts Brazil. Expect James to give the Brazilian back four all sorts of trouble when they meet next week in what is to be an enticing match-up.

Mathieu Valbuena: 10 Points
The diminutive Frenchman proved his worth again in a tough game against the Super Eagles, as he created both goals to send them through to the Quarters. Although he was not awarded both assists, he did pick up 10 points for us in this round.

Thomas Muller: 7 Points
Muller was thwarted time and again by some brilliant saves from the Algerian M’Bolhi throughout the game. Though he could not get himself on the score sheet this time, he did contribute with an important assist to send the Germans through to the next round.

Lionel Messi: 11 Points
Messi was up to his usual antics, jinking and slipping through defenders (still can’t get over his solo run through on goal somewhere around the 85th minute), trying to score against a resilient Swiss side that just refused to concede. In spite of multiple shots on goal, Messi was unable to get himself on the score sheet, but did manage to contribute with an all important assist to seal the game in the dying minutes of extra time.

The Bad

Konstantinos Manolas: 5 Points

Unlike his other Greek compatriot in our defense, Manolas had a poor game overall. Losing points for Fouls committed and a Yellow card, he managed to get just 5 points for us.

Oscar: 6 Points
The Brazilian playmaker had the most average of games against Chile in the Round of 16 matchup, and picked up a meagre 6 points for his efforts in Balls recovered and delivered in.

Robin Van Persie: 4 Points
The flying Dutchman had an average game against Mexico, and was subbed off quite early. We think the searing heat and humidity had a part to play for this rare forgettable performance from the MVP. Let’s hope he can get back to his scoring ways against Costa Rica now.

The Ugly

Oscar Duarte: 4 Points
The Costa Rican defender didn’t have the best of games against Greece, as he picked up 2 yellows and was sent packing early. Though he did pick up a few points for Balls recovered and Shots blocked, his sending off ensured that he was to find a place in the Ugly section this round.

Islam Slimani: 2 Points
The in-form Algerian forward had a quite a good game with some good chances on goal, but with nothing to show for in terms of points, he has also been relegated to the Ugly section this time.