Hits & Misses: 1st Group Phase

Now that the first group phase is done and dusted, it’s time for the moment which we working professionals all dread. Performance Review! While most of our selected squad players did reel in some decent points, there were some that made us grimace in shame, and also some that surprised us. With a final score of 78 points in the 1st group phase (could have been 83 points if not for the irreversible horror that is the formation change option), we feel we had quite a decent start to the tournament.



The Good

Julio Cesar : 6 Points
While we were somehow hopeful Julio would manage to keep a clean sheet in his first game, an inspired Croatian side made sure that was not to be. He did pull off some good saves though, which got him an overall score of 6 points. Not bad!

Sergio Ramos: 7 Points
Despite getting absolutely hammered by the Oranje in their opening game, Ramos managed to get 7 points (WHAT? HOW?), owing to his success in number of Blocked shots and Recovered balls. This came as quite a surprise to us, seeing how conceding 5 goals in the EPL Fantasy football format would have gotten him somewhere around ZERO points.

Bruno Martins Indi: 9 Points
Our Dutch defender racked up 9 points in his first game. He could have managed to keep a clean sheet if not for the penalty conceded by them in the first half. Due to some regrettable circumstances involving irreversible team formation changes, Bruno managed to get himself kicked out of our team though. Our bad Bruno!  It wasn’t personal.

Ivan Rakitic: 9 Points
Though he did not contribute with any assists or goals, Ivan did manage a decent tally of 9 points, owing again to the scoring system which takes into account Blocked shots and Recovered balls.

Pejman Montazeri: 9 Points
The ONE defender who managed to keep a clean sheet in the first round, unfortunately did not manage to get into our team (Damnit!). To be honest Montazeri was picked by us in the first place solely for the reason of budget constraints, so this came as quite a surprise to us. Anyhow, now we might definitely think of giving him a shot in our starting XI for the next game.

Kevin De Bruyne: 7 Points
Our young Belgian midfielder racked up an important assist, bringing him a decent 7 points in the first round. We picked Kevin for his ability to pick out that final killer pass, and delivered he has. Definitely a confirmed started for our next week’s starting XI.

Robin Van Persie: 12 Points
The Flying Dutchman was in absolutely stellar form for the Oranje, and fired in two goals in the 5-1 thrashing of an opener for the Dutch. Expect his red-hot  form to continue into the remaining group games with more goals to follow. And it also helps our cause that he was our Captain for the first round, which led to a brilliant tally of 24 Points. All we can say is RVP you da real MVP.

The Bad

Jose Cholevas: 4 Points
With a tally of just 4 points, Jose did not quite meet our expectations as a solid attacking defensive option. The only reason he ended up in our team was because of the Formation change fiasco with Bruno Martins Indi.

Edin Dzeko: 3 Points
The Bosnia & Herzegovina hitman didn’t quite get off to a good start in his opening game. We expect him to forget this game and rack up a goal or two in the remaining group phase fixtures.

The Ugly

Romelu Lukaku: 2 Points
Disappointing! That’s all we have to say for this mis-firing Belgian striker. Filling in for the injured Cristian Benteke, we expected more than just 2 points from Lukaku. Hopefully he can find the back of the net in his remaining group phase fixtures (or forever be relegated to The Ugly section).

Jan Vertonghen: 1 Point
Last but not the least, we have Jan Vertonghen, who managed to pick up an astounding ONE point (Wait, that is the least). Jan managed to get very few things right in his opening game, with a foul resulting in a penalty and a few more fouls along the course of the match. With high expectations of a clean sheet against a weak Algerian side, this was quite a cringe-worthy defensive performance from the Belgian defender.